The Vulcan Regional Victim Services Society promotes and advocates the rights and entitlements of victims of crime and trauma through information, referral, support, assistance, community liaison, and education.

Serving the needs of victims of crime and trauma in Vulcan County, Alberta.

Volunteer Information


Victim Advocate

This is the front line role of the VRVSS. You work directly with victims, police and the program director. An excellent training program provides you with skills necessary to complete this satisfying role.

Position Summary

Victim advocates provide assistance, support, information and referral to victims of crime or tragedy in Vulcan County through crisis intervention and timely follow up.

Essential Functions
  • To provide practical assistance and non-judgmental emotional support to victims of crime or tragedy. This service can be provided through follow up or immediate crisis intervention at the request of the RCMP, emergency personnel, other community agencies or through self referral by community members.
  • To assist in the delivery, explanation and follow-up of victim impact statements, applications for financial benefits and claims for restitution.
  • To keep victims informed of proceedings with the criminal justice system.
Maintenance of confidentiality at all times.
  • To provide victim/witnesses with formalized court preparation sessions and accompaniment to court as required.
  • To provide information on and referrals to other community agencies which may act as useful resources for the victim.
  • To accurately complete the records as required, including updating the investigating member of any additional information received while interacting with a victim.
  • To provide victims with appropriate educational and preventive information.
  • To arrange emergency transportation to victims when necessary.
Additional Responsibilities
  • Familiarization with the victim advocate manual and the Policy and Procedure Handbook.
  • To assist the investigating officer with the return of exhibits in certain instances.
  • To maintain the detailed records of volunteer hours.
  • To us the discretion and common sense to determine what immediate assistance might be useful to the victim.
  • To provide “face to face” contact with the victim wherever possible.
  • To collect and return the crisis phone used while on-call.
  • To assist with fundraising, presentations and special events if available.
  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Coverage of on-call crisis intervention shifts, and self scheduled follow-up with victims as required.
  • The signing of a one year contract with the program.
  • The signing of an oath of confidentiality.
  • The accurate completion of all security clearance forms for the RCMP.
  • Participation and attendance in the victim services training program and other in-service sessions and monthly unit meetings.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to provide non-judgmental support.
  • The ability to work in stressful situations.
  • The maintenance of a high degree of professionalism, including dressing in a business-like fashion, punctuality and the positive promotion of the victim services.
  • A valid drivers license and access to a vehicle is also an asset.

The advocate may be requested to ride-along with an RCMP member will also be included as part of an advocate’s training and will be scheduled through the program director at a time suitable to the RCMP and the advocate.

Board of Directors

A position on the board is a very interesting and dynamic way to be involved with VRVSS. The board meets regularly, are responsible for the control and management of the Society and are elected for one or two year terms.

The Vulcan Regional Victim Services Society is a legal entity existing through incorporation and operates under the direction of a Board of Directors. Their role is to govern the operations of Vulcan Regional Victim Services through the formal establishment of policies. They meet bi-monthly to monitor the control and management of the affairs of the Society. The Board consists of six to ten members.

The membership of the 2013 - 2014 Board of Directors for Vulcan Regional Victim Services Society is as follows:

Derrick Annable ⇒ Chair
Lori Gair ⇒ Vice Chair
Vicky Hutton ⇒ Secretary
Dawn Lundberg ⇒ Treasurer
Charlene Shearer ⇒ Director
Donna Milan ⇒ Director
Carol Hutton ⇒ Director
Trish Standing ⇒ Director
Cst. Evan Taylor ⇒ RCMP Liaison - Vulcan